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jason schluter write_2_jason at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 5 15:48:49 CET 2006

             BF-E NEWS
Welcome Blender Educators.
Two Meeting have passed
and the Wiki Meeting
and people are just getting over 
the Blender Conference.
Their are no New Members listed on the 
Wiki this week.
If you are new, please add yourself to the 
members list.
If you are also actively educating,
please add yourself to the Active Members
list, along with your Project.
And let up know here on the list too.
                Project Status
This is a call to all Blender Educators
A weekly status report.
Please update us on your projects.
I (Jasonlan) am pleased to announce
www.blender3dtutorials.com tutorials search.
Blendernation picked up the event two days
ago and I've had 2400 visitors since.
That's It for the News.
Jason Schluter
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