[Bf-education] Video Training Helps Most, I Think

Greg Smith brucegregory at earthlink.net
Tue May 16 19:45:34 CEST 2006


My specialty is video training and I have already authored some pretty 
comprehensive video tutorials that feature Blender in its ancient form, 
(Pre-2.4).  If I were to become involved in the "Summer of 
Documentation" project, what would be the odds of my landing that cool 
500 euros?  I would like to participate, but only by producing current, 
task oriented video tutorials.  In my opinion, there is not much benefit 
in creating videos that just duplicate all of the "whats" found in the 
standard Blender documentation, without completely covering all of the 
"whys" and the "hows".  To be valuable, a video training series must 
focus on accomplishing frequently required and requested tasks or jobs 
that the average and above average Blender user will need when 
attempting to author content.  My slant is character animation and story 
telling featuring animated characters.  You can sample some of my 
ancient tutorial video content at the address below:


Take a look at some of the "Blenderhead" segments for an accurate 
sampling of my methods and style.
If what I have mentioned is of any interest to you, (Ton), especially 
with regard to landing some of that grant money, I am at your service.  
At any rate, if you care to feedback on what you see or hear, please 
feel free to do so.

Also, what would be the possibility of offering "extended" versions of 
the video training modules created for the "Summer of Documentation" 
project for private sale and promotion by me?  I've paid plenty of 
Blender dues already.


Greg Smith

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