[Bf-education] Summer of docs?

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Mon May 15 19:13:05 CEST 2006

Hi Ton,

I guess that both themes you mentioned have big importance.

The first one "Blender Course Book" is something that teachers really want
to get their hands on.
Yet, the second one is something all users want.

If I'm not mistaken you have provided very good releases notes so far that
can aid on the "Changes since 2.3". But on the teacher side there is
nothing yet that they could use as a base to build their Courses.

If we even think a bit more on it, you will find that getting a "Blender
Course Book" can also incorporate the "Changes since 2.3", since it must
also take into account that Blender has evolved and that there may be
courses meant for upgrading your skills to the new version.

I really don't know, as part of the Bf-Education I would say the "Blender
Course Book".
But I wasn't present at Sunday's meeting, so I might be lacking more then
what I read on the Wiki minute and on your request.

-- Rui --

----- Original Message -----
> Hi,
> One of the ideas discussed was to use a theme for this project, like
> indeed the "Blender Course Book" or "Changes since 2.3".
> I think, for this first project, limiting it to user docs would be
> best. I can do a video tutorial project later on.
> -Ton-
> On 15 May, 2006, at 16:02, Rui Campos wrote:
>> Hi Ton,
>> This is a great idea.
>> There is the need to clearly define the places that really need this
>> effort.
>> You would also need to state a timing for the start of this BSOD and
>> how
>> long would it last.
>> I can help out a bit, but until the end of August I'm pretty much
>> filled
>> with work, either at my job or getting things done for my marriage, so
>> I
>> can't do that much, sorry.
>> I think that possible projects would be:
>> - Write an extensive list of tutorials that cover in depth all the new
>> features of the 2.4x release set.
>> - Build a set of extensive Video tutorials covering modeling, animation
>> and special fx with Blender.
>> - Build a teachers guide for teaching Blender. (some efforts started on
>> this, but having someone doing the entire base would be a plus)
>> - Can the website be considered Documentation ? If so, revamp the
>> website
>> and get it up to date and easier to use / update.
>> Thats it for now,
>> -- Rui --
>> ----- Original Message -----
>>> Hi,
>>> Like the Google Summer of Code, I thought of organizing a Blender
>>> Summer of Docs... sponsored work for volunteers to complete a certain
>>> documentation task (can be video tuts too).
>>> Blender Foundation can make budget available, like 500 euro per
>>> project, for 10 grants.
>>> My question;
>>> - is this a good idea?
>>> - if so, then how to organize it precisely?
>>> - who would be willing to coordinate it all?
>>> I'm swamped in work, so would really need a couple of people to do it.
>>> :)
>>> It can really in the style of GSoC, so:
>>> - we post list of possible ideas
>>> - people submit project ideas
>>> - a small group of mentors picks the grants
>>> There was also the idea that people can submit in local language, and
>>> that translators could be used... these can also be part of the
>>> grants.
>>> -Ton-
>>> (cross posting on three lists, bf-committers, bf-docboard,
>>> bf-education)
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