[Bf-education] Summer of docs?

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Mon May 15 16:02:56 CEST 2006

Hi Ton,

This is a great idea.

There is the need to clearly define the places that really need this effort.
You would also need to state a timing for the start of this BSOD and how
long would it last.

I can help out a bit, but until the end of August I'm pretty much filled
with work, either at my job or getting things done for my marriage, so I
can't do that much, sorry.

I think that possible projects would be:
- Write an extensive list of tutorials that cover in depth all the new
features of the 2.4x release set.
- Build a set of extensive Video tutorials covering modeling, animation
and special fx with Blender.
- Build a teachers guide for teaching Blender. (some efforts started on
this, but having someone doing the entire base would be a plus)
- Can the website be considered Documentation ? If so, revamp the website
and get it up to date and easier to use / update.

Thats it for now,

-- Rui --

----- Original Message -----
> Hi,
> Like the Google Summer of Code, I thought of organizing a Blender
> Summer of Docs... sponsored work for volunteers to complete a certain
> documentation task (can be video tuts too).
> Blender Foundation can make budget available, like 500 euro per
> project, for 10 grants.
> My question;
> - is this a good idea?
> - if so, then how to organize it precisely?
> - who would be willing to coordinate it all?
> I'm swamped in work, so would really need a couple of people to do it.
> :)
> It can really in the style of GSoC, so:
> - we post list of possible ideas
> - people submit project ideas
> - a small group of mentors picks the grants
> There was also the idea that people can submit in local language, and
> that translators could be used... these can also be part of the grants.
> -Ton-
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