[Bf-education] What course material to use for the blender basic course?

Gerhard Just Olsen cinmay at onlineblendereducation.com
Sun Mar 26 11:56:06 CEST 2006

Hi. I have not gotten any response from James Chronister the author of 
“Blender Basics” In he's copyright statement he is a little vague on the 
issue of commercial courses. It says that “This document may be reprodused 
without permission from the author.” But it also says that  “you may not  
bundle this tutorial with any software or documentation that is intended for 
marketing without express written approval from the author.” We will be using 
other documentation also so in a sense it could be interpreted as bundling 
with other documents. We at onlienblendereducation.com(we can discuss the 
long name later) are going to charge students I would really like to have 
he's approval before using it in our courses.  

This and more has gotten me re thinking about watt course material to use. The 
ideal material would be in a wiki or similar format so it would be easy to 
keep up to date and another big advantage would be to be able to translate it 
into different languages. 

Do any of you have any suggestions for course material for a basic blender 

I'm also seriously considering writing it myself. If I start and open effort 
then perhaps other people would like to help too. Our intention at 
onlineblendereducation.com has never been to charge for the course materials 
(with the exception of the individual lessons found in the student section) 
If I create the material my self then I could publish it on the site under an 
open license. 

Perhaps It could be combined with the effort to create standard learning 
material for Blender that I think you guy's have been working on.

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