[Bf-education] Blender online education site

Gerhard Just Olsen cinmay at onlineblendereducation.com
Wed Mar 15 22:38:28 CET 2006

Hello. Some of you may have noticed the new site 

I created this site to provide online education and course certificates for 
new and advanced blender users.

The students will be able to choose if they want to take just the course, just 
the exam or both. The course certificate should be nice to have on a cv.

We will also try to get as many teachers from different countries as possible 
so that we can provide courses in different languages.

The idea is to charge the students and pay the teachers. I believe this will 
help both the students and teachers to take the courses more seriously and 
give a higher quality of the courses. 

However we will try to provide as much of the course material as possible in 
electronic version for free.

I believe we have a lot to discuss like course certificates and such. I will 
post more detailed questions later. For now if any of you have any comments, 
suggestions or questions feel free to ask.

I'm sorry for not contacting you before but the site was launched a little 
ahead of schedule due to the article on blendernation today.

If some of you are interested in being teachers it would be a really big help.

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