[Bf-education] Job opportunity for Teachers :: Bulgaria :: More information

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Thu Feb 23 13:17:45 CET 2006

Hi all,

I'm just forwarding some more information I got related to this
opportunity, to answer some questions posted previously.

The project leader will be in #blendereducation meeting Sunday at 13:30
GMT to answer some more questions and also to get to know us better :) .

All my best to all,

-- Rui --


It's a project with which we'll apply for funding. If they fund us
the event will happen. All the expenses like accommodation,
transport and trainers payment will be covered by us.

Here is a brief copy of the agenda which is not final:

        Module 0: Introduction

                - History of the free software;
                - Quick overview of the existing open source software;
                - Free content;

        Module 1: Computer 3D animation

                - Modelling;
                - Textures;
                - Bone systems, Deformers, Rigging;
                - Animation;
                - Rendering;

        Module 2: Post-production

                - Compositing;
                - Effects and color corrections;
                - Motion tracking;
                - Video editing;

        Module 3: Audio

                - Main principles of audio under GNU/Linux;
                - Audio editing and multi-track recording;
                - Effects processing and mastering; Busty

        Module 4: Technological infrastructure

                - Selecting apropriate hardware;
                - Selecting of apropriate operating systems;
                - Cluster design and installation of non-centralized HDR
and rendering;
                - Project management and Groupware software;

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