[Bf-education] books

Jef Jansen jef.jansen at telenet.be
Sat Apr 29 15:29:38 CEST 2006

posted it first on docboard, this is the right place I guess


i'm Jef and working on some dutch papers for blender lessons , A few  
ideas here concerning books for edu.

A system of ring cover with detachable pages, replaceable pages  
should do the job. Due to the fast development of blender this could  
be a solution to stay up to date.
Then divide the informations in 2 volumes. One textbook containing  
the text" and a few graphics, a second with color pages containing  
the graphics. When  choosing well-considered the graphics makes that  
the color pages can be used longer and in different sections of the  
textbook and so controlling the costs.
The text book containing 2 sections.
The first with a theoretical approach (global terms CG , 2D, 3D) and  
a second part with practical exercises

Just an idea


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