[Bf-education] Wiki updated - BFE structure

Hector Castillo Hector at surteratec.com
Wed Apr 26 02:19:59 CEST 2006

Hi everybody,

The Wiki for the BFE has been updated with an structure that we could
use as a starting point in the path for a stronger BFE. Next mail i'll
be explaining in detail what is every link. Please comments and
suggestions are needed so this will not become a one side point of view.


Newcommers with new ideas and energies are always welcome, so....
welcome Nuno and Raimon to this train called bf-e :)



"...I have the drive and direction,"

Then you have a lot of what is needed 

"but I do not have the education and resources. If I can be of help with
organizing of ideas or structuring them please let me know..."

that would be of a great help right now actually,as i´m updating the
wiki with some structure for the bf-e and your opinion and contributions
are needed.


Ing. Héctor Castillo.
+58 418 5030992
hector at surteratec.com

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