[Bf-education] I'm new, presentation and others (Spanish univ. blender teaching)

Gwindor de Nargothrond gwindor at auna.com
Sun Apr 23 13:07:05 CEST 2006


My name is Raimon and, as the subject says, I' new to this list and i'm 
still receiving digests. So, i apologize if i don't know enough some 
rules or protocols.

-First, my knowledge of english is very small, excuse my expression.
-Second, someone was looking for a URL of Blender teaching at spanish 
universities. Here the page of the teacher:

and here the page of the Forums of Animation to Comunicate:

-I'm also intending me for doing blender classes. I think this list can 
be a very useful resource for all those that believes blender as a "art 
tool", and also teaching him as a job for a "survivance tool". My main 
problem here, in Barcelona (Catalunya) is that almost nobody is 
interested in specific applications like those that deals 3D, and a 
smaller amount among this consider blender as an option, although the 
free issue is a good point for the most people who knows it.

The studies center at which i have proposed to offer blender classes, 
practically don't advertise this, while photoshop and freehand are 
offered as usual.
An inferiority tag seems to appear every times linked to Open Software.
In catalan language, people would said that blender is a "segon plat", a 
"second dish" literally, the second consumption when somebody eats on a 

But i will stop complaining me, I suppose this problem not only in 
Catalunya or Spain, also in other countries. The situation like that, 
then i'm interested on create a "market need" towards blender. My main 
target i think is architects and similar, and design studies as well, 
because the most runs 3dstudio without license or under a very poor 
knowledge of what he are doing. A couple of button pressers, too often.
As blender allows a very friendly usage after some training, i think 
"Blender is good for him" :-)

No more to say, except good luck in all things as usual ;-)

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