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Nuno Estanqueiro nestanqueiro at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 18:27:28 CEST 2006

I also agree on that generic 3D background.

When I had to start teaching 3D to my students, I collected some
information, and found some gnu texts about CG and 3D at
http://joetainment.com/Plone/thecgtextbook ... I also found that blender is
being taught at a Spanish University, but right now I don't remember their
site.... I'll look into it later. But please check that link to see if this
material is of interest to our purpose.

I have some very basic material that I use to support my own classes, but
it's all in Portuguese (mostly impress presentations that I have to convert
to writer, doc or pdf, and to translate it all to English first, so all of
you can give your opinion).

Because I teach blender at university, I must have that theoretical
background, which I use for exams, and that's where I really get if students
understood what they've been doing, or if they just memorized sequences of
buttons and actions.....

because I'm really rookie here at the mailing list, I haven't figured out
the best way to share those materials with you all, but I'll upload them to
some server and provide you with links when I do...

Later I'll post on what I do for my other 3D classes (the 3D animation, and
the one focusing on Virtual Set modelling).

Thanks for now, bye!
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