[Bf-education] Back again.

Hector Castillo Hector at surteratec.com
Tue Apr 18 23:52:26 CEST 2006

Hi people!

First i would like to apologize for leaving in the middle of april 2's
meeting, i was not feeling well and next day my doctor sent me home for
2 weeks, that is 2 weeks out of combat and no computer either :'(  

Now i'm back and resuming things.

I have the summary for the mailing list since Oct-2004 to feb-2006. This
material i am using it in my research about the objectives of the bf-e
and the structure that should have in order to work as a system and have
the information clear (in the wiki) and at reach of every member wheter
is an old one or a new one. This summary will be sent in another email
so all of you can check it out and give an opinion and corrections about
it, that way we can post it to the wiki for future reference for new
members (like giving them a hand to come up to this train).

The info collected from  the mailing list gives me so far the following

1.Only 24 out of 153 members have been active at least once in 17
months, that is the 15.6%
2.What has been offered:
	-Rcas's managment system.
	-Xical (platform for courses and certifications)
	-Blenderzine (training cd in portuguese)
	-Infrastructure and facilities support
	-Courses beta testers
	-Maintaninance for tutorials and pages for educators
	-Spanish translations,colaboration in the certification program,
official colaboration from the fine arts institute (spain).
	-Set of courses and its translations to portuguese, spanish, french and
	-blender shorcuts tutorial as a proof of concept
	-Coordinator for the BF-E, Angela Ploham.
	-natraj's material from its training section
	-website with tutorials for students and teachers.
	-translation to spanish of video tutorials at blender.org 
	-dhenton's materials
	-carsten materials
	-overview of style elements and combine them in a styleguide (not
directly related to bfe)
	-IRC channels
	-Teachers with experience to review teaching materials
	-luigi monaco's educational project  (???)

4.Te motion of the BF-E started with the making of an official course
material. The "what it is for" has not been yet defined.

5.We need to implement a system for tracking offered things related to
the bfe so we can make an effective use of them.

6.Many ideas and proposals but there are no results because there are no
especific goals.

7.There should be groups assigned to a general goal proposed in a year.

I hope any of you can review this material and add more conclusions but
those are the important ones from my point of view.


Now, i understand the structure for the bf-e as a set of items that
gives the bf-e work to do and users something to do with the bf-e or
simply should be there as is something that need to be done. 
Here are some of them:

Main objectives
Legal representation (the ones to be contacted from other institutions)
Economics (administration and report)
News (related to education)
mailing lists
Meetings info
Statistical reports (like % of activity in the bf-e in a given month, or
rate of growth of educational institutions)
Activities (i.e, conferences)
working material for: 
	-Certified tutorials and courses
	-Registered and not registered education centers
	-Active teachers and instructors.

I´m planning to make some changes to the wiki with this structure for
next week (apr-25th), and i hope to have some feedback in that period of
time from at least that 15% of active members :)


Rcas: if you have (or anyone) the logs for apr-2 meeting i can do the
minute and update the wiki. 

spyderworm: i would like to know what happened to my article?, why was
not published? was it there anything else i had to send to you?


That's all for now, hope everyone is doing well,


Ing. Héctor Castillo.
+58 418 5030992
hector at surteratec.com

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