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Nuno Estanqueiro nestanqueiro at gmail.com
Mon Apr 17 18:46:12 CEST 2006

Hello, my name is Nuno Estanqueiro and I've been teaching blender for a a
couple of years now...
Usually a teach 2 different classes, one focusing mainly on modelling,
materials and lights, and a second part focusing on animation and rendering.
Each module is about 45 hours long, divided in 3 hour classes.
Sometimes I also teach a smaller blender course, focusing mainly on simple
modelling and real time texturing (used for creation of virtual sets that we
integrate with video in real time, unfortunately with another software,
called Brainstorm). This is my first e-mail, and my first mailing list, for
that matter.... so I don't really know how things are going to work... but I
do know I want to help.
I'll be reading the past mails so I can get the notion of what is going on,
and I'll be writing some more mails to share my experiences with you all.

Please excuse my bad English, but I'll try hard to keep it understandable...

Thanks in advance, and congratulations on the work done so far!

Nuno Estanqueiro
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