[Bf-education] Re: Standard course material for blender

V Yap renderfun at gmail.com
Thu Apr 13 08:43:10 CEST 2006

Hi bf-education list:

My name is Victor Yap and I just joined the list few days ago.

I am writing in support for Glen and his idea on "Theory and Concept"
before diving into the  practicals.  Maybe it was the way I was taught
in University.  The lecturer would expalin the theory before telling
us how to do it.  Many times, she would teach us the "long-way" and by
the time we knew it, we use the "Short-cut".  It really helps to know
how the features of a software is built upon in order to use it more

I am very new to mailing list and am not sure what I could do to help.
 My objective in joining the list is to help educate more people in
using blender instead of pirated software in both Singapore and
Malaysia.  In order to get work done faster, companies are willing to
install software that the artist is familiar with by pirating.
Furthermore, I have been trying to convince local companies and artist
that Blender is not that much difficult to use than say Lightwave,
Maya, 3DS or XSI.  Unknowingly, I have been doing mini demos to quite
a few people.

I hope to put some time in making Blender training materials and
believe that joining the bf-education list is a positive step forward.
 As I am very knew to this collaborative "teaching/writing", please
pardon my ignorance and do advice along the way.

Many Thanks,
Victor Yap.

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