[Bf-education] Standard course material for blender

Luis Belerique luis.belerique at gmail.com
Sun Apr 9 22:56:25 CEST 2006

Hello Gerhard,

I agree that we should use text of the user´s manual, after all the best way
to keep it standard os using the official documentation, but shouldn´t we
adapt it somewhat to the level of the course?
I'm saying this because i'm thinking of actually making two courses, the
basic and a more advanced one in the future, but you probably are thinking
the same way...

I think i understand your question, but i don´t know another way than the
hard way, that is, when the user manual is updated, "putting" the new info
manually and adapt it in the course material.
I suppose you're referring to this, no?

On 4/9/06, Gerhard Just Olsen <cinmay at onlineblendereducation.com> wrote:
> Cooperating with the blender user manual.
> How can we best cooperate the effort of creating the standard course
> material
> with the blender user manual?
> I'm currently working on the introduction to the course and I was thinking
> that we can reuse a lot if not all of the text from the blender user
> manual
> introduction.
> What is the best way of doing this without creating duplicate information
> that
> is hard to maintain?
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