[Bf-education] Introducing myself

Gerhard Just Olsen cinmay at onlineblendereducation.com
Wed Apr 5 19:57:51 CEST 2006

I agree that it should definitely bee on the blender3d.org wiki as it will be 
the official blender course material.  How ever I would like to see if I 
couldn't mirror it on my own site.

I already tried to edit on the bf-eduation page but it was protected. I have 
contacted Rui by e-mail to have this problem sorted out. 

Perhaps if any of you have access then you could create a sub page called 
“Standard course material for blender “ or something like that and give the 
public editing access to it so that we all could start to work on it.

I also see the need to create the main structure. Ill post some examples and 
we can start from there.

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