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Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Tue Oct 25 11:30:58 CEST 2005

Hi Carsten,

Great, send it to the both of us, put both the e-mails on the "To" :) .
Ton was really looking for someone to do the next set of Books, so, talk
to him, he might get some cash to get the book up.
Just make sure you can do it, beware that it is a big amount of work and
much time consuming, I don't mean to discourage you but instead make sure
you are aware of the implications behind making a book and make sure you
are up to the task ;) .

Hope you take this forward :) .

Best Regards,

    Rui Campos

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Hi Ton, hi Rui!

Mysoftware demo is ready. What's the best way to send it to you both? Rui
mentioned something about cc. I don't kow what's that, except
"carboncopy". I've read Tons remarks about the educational aspects. If
youneed help - here I am. Especially the manual-project is a very
interesting job for me. I was thinking by myself about something like
that. Teaching young people could be a good basis for giving friendly help
those who start. And with this knowledge(chapter1-4) the exploration of
the interesting material of the orange project (chapter5-100 ) is much
 If the foundation can coordinate this, it is a much more natural way to do.


                               Carsten Tigges
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