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Wed Oct 12 18:24:27 CEST 2005

Hi Carsten,

Thanks for the update, sounds all very cool what you're doing. :)
Is all material you've created public? I'm very curious to learn more  
about it.



(sorry for the slow reply... last week I was in stockholm, this week is  
preparations for the blender conference & the pre-release.)

On 6 Oct, 2005, at 14:20, Carstentigges at aol.com wrote:

> Hi to everybody!
>  I'm just realizing an educational project with the following  
> attributes:
>  -It should support younger people(aged 13 maybe).
>  -It's in german for now.
>  -The pupils should become teachers as far as possibel. Something like  
> a tutorial
>  learning system.
>  -The content should be organized intuitively. That means nothing  
> like:"How to use constraints." But "Making an explosion", "Modelling  
> Cars", "Modelling buildings" etc.
>  What I have already done:
>  -Creating around 60 .blend files with educational content. Testing  
> with my pupils. I'm a piano  teacher and some of my students(maybe 15)  
> are interested in Blender.
>  -Writing some "DidactUtilities" in Python. An "Drag'n drop"-Editor  
> for easy to build tutorials.
>  What I'm doing:
>  -I'm just writing a chattool that works from the Blender-GUI and some  
> CGI scripts for coordinating this chat.
>  -I'll translate and modify the helpscript for shortcuts which is  
> already implemented in Blender.
>  I'll now make it ready to use. When it is ready, there are four  
> branches of more or less educational projects:
>  The certifikation programm for professionals(Rui Campos).
>  Projects like "Orange"
>  My project(LunA-project) for newbies.
>  Tutorials and Forumsites
>  I think it is worth thinking about the coordination right now. There  
> will be a grown public interest because of the "Orange" project.
>                                           greetings
>                                             Carsten Tigges
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