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We will be doing an overview on the past year on Blender Education at the Blender Conference next week.

I am making a Sum of all content gathered here and will go from there, to see what can be done to push Blender forward.
Can you join in at the Blender Conference :) . It would be great.
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Hi to everybody!

I'm just realizing an educational project with the following attributes:

-It should support younger people(aged 13 maybe).

-It's in german for now.

-The pupils should become teachers as far as possibel. Something like a tutorial
 learning system.

-The content should be organized intuitively. That means nothing
like:"How to use constraints." But "Making an explosion", "Modelling
Cars", "Modelling buildings" etc.

What I have already done:

-Creating around 60 .blend files with educational content. Testing with
my pupils. I'm a piano  teacher and some of my students(maybe 15)
are interested in Blender. 

-Writing some "DidactUtilities" in Python. An "Drag'n drop"-Editor for easy to build tutorials.

What I'm doing:

-I'm just writing a chattool that works from the Blender-GUI and some CGI scripts for coordinating this chat. 

-I'll translate and modify the helpscript for shortcuts which is already implemented in Blender.

I'll now make it ready to use. When it is ready, there are four branches of more or less educational projects:

The certifikation programm for professionals(Rui Campos).

Projects like "Orange"

My project(LunA-project) for newbies.

Tutorials and Forumsites

I think it is worth thinking about the coordination right now. There
will be a grown public interest because of the "Orange" project.

Carsten Tigges

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