[Bf-education] Educational project

Luigi Monaco zdys at zdys.de
Tue Nov 29 12:29:10 CET 2005

Hi to all, 

yesterday we just entered the first project to the new Community/
Educational section. I would like to ask for members checking the entry
and reply with feedback. Is there more you would like to know, would you
show things differently, do you see conflicts in possible, future,
entries for this section? Your input will be used to tweak the form to
fill out when requesting to be listed.  

If no further suggestions are to be discussed, the input form will be
changed and then freezed. Finished this I would like to discuss how to
promote the new section in a new thread and on a later time.  

The current entry consists of: 

$ educational institution	# bold, underline, link
$ field in which blender is used	# bold
$ short description
--- free line
$ contact information	# substitute @ with '(at)'

Right side has an image of the project used. 

Links at '$ education institution' and '$ image on right side' are
supposed to open a site at the institutions project page. 

Please note, that the actual entry is valid, but concerted to be also
for testing purposes and can therefor change during evolution to the
final layout. 


Luigi Monaco

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