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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Mon Nov 21 21:34:47 CET 2005


It's very impressive what you write, but I would advise you join the  
educators mailing list we have. Here we've also discussed opportunities  
for how to get certification arranged.


BTW; we didn't put a certification system in place yet, nor did allow  
any certifications yet... but we (Blender Foundation) also won't charge  
money to people to start trainings. It is first mostly important to set  
up help for educators, and exchange information.

Official certification, if we want this to be a serious and valid mark,  
should really be based  on some kind of verification. Maybe with  
(co-developed) reference course material. I really hesitate to give  
that out to anyone who asks for it. You wouldn't like that either I  


On 19 Nov, 2005, at 3:17, Hector Castillo wrote:

> Hi Ton,
>    Before i get to the point of this email, i would like to tell you a
> brief background of what i`ve been doing since a year now.
>    I see no difference between the terms "Course" and "Tutorial", and
> for that reason i use tutorial to define the act of teaching.
>    I made a tutorial for Blender designed with the purpose that in 16
> hours someone with no previous knowledge of 3D animation, modeling or
> even graphic design, could make at least one animated video. It has a
> theorical manual, half of it dedicated to general concepts of 3d
> graphics and a brief history of 3DCG, and the other half dedicated
> to "pinpoint" the concepts of the foundation, blender specifically, the
> interface. There`s a second manual, the practice, made as a self study
> guide, that way, people can repeat the tutorial with no need of the
> instructor by his side.
>     I preared the classes, charging a fee for teaching this in order to
> cover the costs of renting the physical space and material used in the
> tutorial, there`s a fee for my services and i reserved some for the
> Blender foundation, but because of the low interest or knoledge of
> people in Blender ther`s not a sufficient amount that justify a
> transaction.  I would like to know if it`s ok for you and the
> foundation the way i`m implementing this.
>     And to finish, i would like to ask you about the steps i should
> follow in order to have the foundation, allow me to say to people that
> the certificates that i give are valid worldwide or something similar.
> I could call you if you would like to so we can talk about this.
>     Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
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> Ing. Hèctor Castillo
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> www.surteratec.com
> Hector at surteratec.com
> Barquisimeto - Venezuela
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