[Bf-education] A movie by themselves.....

Hector Castillo Hector at surteratec.com
Sat Nov 19 02:44:08 CET 2005

Hi all,

I just had a quick read of the digest and i have some opinions:

1. About the book that Carsten it`s planning it seems like a good idea, 
most of all to teach someone (if i`m rigth in my interpretation of what 
you are saying), about the nature of coordinate systems that it`s very 
difficult for some people to get used to it, i remember explainig 
coordinate systems to a friend once with 3 pencils and i think Blender 
would be a beeter tool ;)

2. Matt, "it would be almost impossible for someone to make a whole Toy 
Story movie by themselves"?..... take a look at 
this....www.lotsofrobots.com   , Ok, it`s not a toy story and it`s 
taking years, but it is possible with a little of inspiration.... never 
say never my friend :)

3. Later on this one....

Best Regards,


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