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Carstentigges at aol.com Carstentigges at aol.com
Thu Nov 17 23:48:29 CET 2005

to maccam912!:You are right. I wrote the last e-mail very fast - maybe too 
I'm not a nativew speaker. OK! Next try:
I'm writing some sample chapters of a book for newbies. They have seen 
something like "Toy story" and want to know more about CGI. They are about thirteen 
years old and want some orientation about this topic. 
The whole book should be general in relation to vocabulary, power of 
observation and basics like coordinate systems and so on.
The whole book should be related to Blender to give the reader the 
possibility of experiments with a free tool - so it becomes not to theoretically.
What would you like to see in a book like that? Is it a good idea at all?

Best regards

                        Carsten Tigges
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