[Bf-education] Videotuorials spanish translation

Gustavo Muñoz GMUNOZ at mail.ono.es
Sat Mar 12 12:49:14 CET 2005

Hello again:

I am working on translating the video tutos at blender3d.org to spanish, in
order to offer them for all the spanish comunity. I think this, and the user
and reference manuals (which I think are been translated by someone...) are a
great value we allready have, and I think it is better not to repeat works...

The full videos collection is too big for me to host them once translated, and
I would ask permision and space somewhere to upload and mantain them. Also, I
work on Macs and I can only record the new audio files in spanish, but I also
need somebody to add them to the video channel (I cannot edit fine avid
videos). I plan to use the same duration, so the edition would be just copy
and paste...

Thank you in advance,
Gustavo Muñoz

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