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Sun Mar 6 15:23:07 CET 2005

It all sounds good to me but here is another idea:

blender foundation gives training approval to certain groups or
communities and organizations (commercial or public) for the right to
train blender users either for profit or non-profit and to give out
certified certificates that upon completing the training program(s)
will be given out. The certificate certifies the holder that he or she
is thoroughly experienced with Blender and all software(s) that
surround it (ie: Yafray, Terragen...other programs used through
blender or with blender....etc.). BF would need to review any
organization that is over 50 members and atleast 10 person staff and
then upon approval of their method of training should then give them
permission and certification to do so.

The training program that you have proposed isn't very good - for
several reasons but mainly that it is sort of redundant AND that not
everyone wants to use the 3d aspect of blender and to get the expert
diploma you have to use that part of it first! Here is what i propose:

UI Level Seminar (5) - Seminars on how to use the Graphic User
Interface and the "behind the scenes" look at the software and how it
runs this...very indepth study - not much action. You must then pass a
test (graded by the administrator - ie: the teacher) to continue on to
the next section.

Modelling Seminar (15) - how to properly model objects from basic to
really intricate and advanced. Must pass another test.

Texturing and Material Seminar (10) - all the different ways and
methods of adding a material and using textures. Must pass another

Animation Seminar (10) - how to animate and rig any object using any
method conceiveable. Must pass another test

Here are the one of several optional courses that you must choose from
to get the diploma.

Special Seminar (10) - how to do special things such as use Yafray,
script Python, render from the command line...use other programs with
blender etc... Must pass exam to get diploma.

3D Engine Seminar (20) - how to use the 3D engine and script with
python. Must pass exam to get diploma.

Developer Seminar (15) - how to develop Blender. Must pass exam to get diploma.

If they want to take another of the optional courses then they get a
Specialist Diploma uppon finishing all of them. Otherwise it is the
standard certification.

The certification would make the individual an credited trainer of the
software and development and would make them nearly commercially ready
(although anyone in there right mind would go to a real university and
get a masters or something!). The seminars would be around one hour of
online video conferencing.

well, that's just some brainstorming but it sounds sort of good!

Daniel (Prince)
RFXS and Blenderman Admin

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