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Héctor hector at Surteratec.com
Fri Mar 4 18:57:38 CET 2005

Hello everybody,

Yes Rui, diplomas are a great idea and they will be of use in order not to confuse everybody with
so many diferent types of certification. 
Could be something like this:

Certification 		Module	      Description		Gets
Standard 			-		UI & fundamentals of 	Diploma
						animation with blender

Advanced 			1		Modeling			Diploma*
Advanced			2		Materials & textures	Diploma*
Advanced			3		Ilumination			Diploma*
Advanced			4		Animation			Diploma*
Advanced			5		Rendering & Codecs	Diploma*

Specialist			-		Real time 3D		Diploma**
Specialist			-		Game Engine & Python	Diploma**
Specialist			-		Web based applications	Diploma**

Training standard		-		starndard program		Certificate
Training advanced		-		advanced program		Certificate
Training specialist	-		specialist program	Certificate
*Completing the 5 modules the person gets certificated as a "model & animation professional"
**Completing all the diplomas gets certificated as a "Blender professional"

Now a question:

-Who will emit diplomas and certificates?

 One answer could be each and every institute individually, but then..
	-How can the foundation be sure that what they teach, it follows the program?

 Another answer could be the foundation and in that case .....it would need a web based platform 
 in order to evaluate and emmit the diplomas or certificates.

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