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Hello everyone, 

The first question that comes to my mind is: Who is the target of certification program?, who need to have in their resume something that certificates that he or she knows how to work with 3D computer graphics? and, this are the first i can think of:

-3d artists
-Graphic designers
-People willing to teach 3d
-Common people like engineers, architects, medics, students....
-Game makers

I've been reading the archives and mixed my own ideas with all that's been proposed until now,and  it's presented in the following structure:

Certification Program		Module		Description
Standard			-		UI & fundamentals of animation with blender

Advanced			1		Modeling
Advanced			2		Materials & textures
Advanced			3		Ilumination
Advanced			4		Animation
Advanced			5		Rendering & Codecs

Specialist			-		Real time 3D
Specialist			-		Game Engine & Python
Specialist			-		Web based applications

Training standard		-		-
Training advanced		-		-


	Focused in the common people. The goal is:

	1. To make a course that gives someone the ability to work with blender from the modeling to the generation of the movie file.
	2. To show the capabilities of blender from a general point of view (what does it do).
	3. To teach how the can use blender in a normal day of work. ie. an executive that use 3d to make his or her presentation to the meeting, overriding the standard power point.


	Focused in 3d artists and graphic designers. An in depth course by modules.

	This is to cover the topics like web content and game engine, individually because if you are a game designer, you'll need the game engine & python, but whats the use of python if an architect only wants to know how to fly inside his or her design? 
In this category could be included a multidisciplinary certification like blending electronics and Blender. (3d, python, electronic sensors)

	Focused in the people willing to teach 3d with blender to others, so we could have a certificated teacher for the standard class and other for the advanced.

As you can see, there are proposed 5 types of certification programs that could be separated as general tasks between the people involved in this project when the work time comes:

	1. Standard
	2. Advanced
	3. Training
	4. Specialist

Hope this is of any help, regards...Hec.

Ing. Héctor A. Castillo V.
Gerente General Venezuela
+58 414 525 8445
Hector at surteratec.com

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