[Bf-education] Contents of an Official Blender Training Course

Gustavo Muñoz GMUNOZ at mail.ono.es
Mon Jan 24 22:13:17 CET 2005

Hello there:

>From my experience teaching 3D to art students (Faculty level), both with
Blender and with Animation:Master,
I think we need to organize Blender courses beginning with a basic
introduction to 3D and to the Blender interface and tools.
Then we can think in another couple of specialized courses, where the
students can get both a deeper knowledge of all the Blender tools
and some practice in the main technics used to develop any 3D proyect. As
far as I can say, they should be almost:

-Materials, Textures and Lights. Rendering.
-Animation, Armatures, actions and NLA
-Game engine

So, maybe the best aproach is to build a big course with several steped
courses, begining with a Blender Foundation one.

Another things: how will be implemented the "official" Blender Course
Are you thinking about a certificate for a Course if they probe some number
of hours teaching Blender?
or the teacher-school will need to probe also a standarized course with a
fixed number of matters?
Who will choose between all the oferted courses which will have the oficial
titles and which not?
All those things must be also considered...

Gustavo Muñoz

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