[Bf-education] Contents that should be present on an OfficialBlender Training Course

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Mon Jan 24 18:11:13 CET 2005


I hope to have a first set of Courses ready in June / July in English
and then translate them to a small set of languages such as Portuguese,
Spanish, French, Dutch and German.

Right now I am trying to finish something in the Blender source to
provide some good visual feedback for the video courses.
After it is finished I will complete the Blender Shortcuts tutorial just
as a proof of concept on a possible way for the Courses to be done and

Yet I am doing this from my own mind and knowledge and I beleive that
many of you may have some ideas, even better ideas, I was hoping to hear
them. It would help me alot :) .
The idea is to define standard Courses for Blender, that will be later
defined as the official set of Courses sponsored by the Blender
Foundation. So I want it to be the most interactive and the best
possible solution that can be found.

So this may take time, lots of comments, ideas and critics.

> RCAS <

On Mon, 2005-01-24 at 09:05 -0500, alarrea at emaapq.com.ec wrote:
> In reference to the first question, I think that your argument is good
> and that the course must have  good modelling technics and not only be
> dictate to Blender tool. 
> In the second question, i think it is irrelevant the way you want to
> divide, depending on how you are going to focus! 
> Please it tell me when the courses are ready. 
> Greetings, 
> Alberto Larrea
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