[Bf-education] Contents that should be present on an Official Blender Training Course

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Sat Jan 22 01:50:18 CET 2005

Hello all.

I was hoping to have your opinion on what content should be present on
an Official Blender Training Course.

I have some questions to open up this discussion but feel free to add
more and even state ideas or your knowledge from live experience.

A few Questions :

- Should the Course be strictly Blender centered or should it instead
teach more on 3D to the user ?

We must consider that many users could be entirely new to 3D, in this
case we must ask ourselfs what would be more usefull to the end user.
Do you think that he might be better served if he is given a Course
where he learn good modelling technics instead of just how to model with
that specific tool ?

Or, should there be two Courses, one considered really basic were
modelling and animating technics should be presented and another course
that would be more technical ?

I think we must think it in an interactive way.

- Should we create a huge Course that would focus all aspects of Blender
or should we divide it into smaller Courses, such as Blender Game
Engine, Blender Foundation and so on ?

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