[Bf-education] New Blender Academy Lesson

Real Effects Studios realfxstudios at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 21:19:42 CET 2005

Just posted (as of last night) the latest Blender Academy lesson -
"Using the Screw Function". It is the third installment of the Special
Modelling Tools Lessons trio. It shows how to create a "bolt" - rather
a crude screwy shape for practice while it demonstrates all the
neccessities required to experiment on your own. Intermediate level.

The lesson is located in the Academy Files on Real Effects Studios:


and the direct link to it is here:


Please link anybody needing information on this function to the lesson!


[in reply to Rui's message]

thanks, i have been busy - we used to post three a week when we made
them available via the forum but since we went html it takes a little
longer to get them up. This should suffice for a few days and then it
is back to the teacher's desk for me!


Daniel (prince)
RFXS and Blenderman Admin

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