[Bf-education] books for students

veenvliet at planet.nl veenvliet at planet.nl
Mon Feb 7 16:14:22 CET 2005

Hello everyone.

 I had a brief exchange with Ton about Blender education.

 I'm teaching some 3d now, and perhaps Blender specifically in the near
future, but that is still uncertain.

 I've been thinking about all this and reading some posts.

 There's quite a few posts about certification and online lesson
publishing. But I don't think certification would really help much since
blender is not in
wide use as yet and in the "creative" branches portfolios are a lot more
than software specific certificates.

 Online Lessons are a nice idea but I think that'd fit in with the ideas
about a default format for tutorials. And there are plenty tutorials out
there already.

 The only really helpful contribution that could be made now by the
Blender Foundation
I think would be the option for educators to buy larger numbers of the
blender manual at a discount.


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