[Bf-education] New Blender book?

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Fri Feb 4 19:33:32 CET 2005


> I would go for a little volume with just the 2.4 aditions, so people who
> buyed the
> book has all at a good price :)

Agreeing with you, in my opinion the Current 2.3 Book should be revised
and updated with latest additions and using the new interface. I also
think it should be changed a bit to act more as a reference book, but that
is subjective.

> As for the "Blender fundamentals" book, I think it is a great idea to
> produce it as
> a companion for the Oficial Certified Blender Course on the works here.

I agree. This should include lots of exercices (explained step by step) ,
confined to a basic level stepping.

> The introductory course about 3D for artist with Blender I am now
> teaching, could
> perhaps serve as a first guide to further enhance it.
> It is just a logical aproach for a total beginner with 3D, and with
> Blender. I have
> comprised the main matters in seven lessons, but this number may vary.
> 1- Introduction about Blender interface basics: windows, buttons, mouse,
> menus,
> toolbox and navigating in 3D.
> 2- Object basics, Jerarquies, Transformations and dependencies.
> 3- Modelling with curves, surfaces and meshes.
> 4- Materials and textures.
> 5- Light, Cameras and Rendering.
> 6- Animation, Channels, Actions and NLA.
> 7- Armatures, Constraints. Character animation.
> 8- Game engine basics. Logics and Dynamics.

I agree, still I am not sure if the Game engine should be included in this
Book, I think it should be considered an Advanced module.

> This could be the contents of the first, introductory course.  I think it
> is a first
> step course which must be then complited with several other more
> specialized
> courses, focused on getting expertise in every main aspect of a 3D
> production:
> 1- Advanced modelling
> 2- Advanced material, texturing, lights and enviroment effects.
> 3- Advanced rigging and animation.
> 4- Advanced FX (particles, halo, Postprod. Filters...)
> 5- Advanced game -Python.

I agree on it, I am just not sure if there is space to add an "6 -
Advanced development" explaining how to expand Blender features, creating
new Plugins and using the Python API, as well as texture plugins and such.
This because there are lots of people interested in adding specific stuff
to Blender to help them on their work and wouldn't be interested in
anything related to the Blender Game engine.

I also think that together with the Advanced Books should be a CD / DVD
with a video Course.
Something like : "Advanced Blender - Modelling" contains full detail on
the Blender modelling tools and several exercices. Then there would be a
CD / DVD along with the Book that contained a Xical presentation with
Video showing  how to model a head or how to model a Car from reference

> I think we should provide a standarized duration, and of course a detailed
> contents
> list., for every course.


> The oficial manuals will provide the basic knoledge for the
> courses, and we can even think of a complementary educational material in
> videos.

As mentioned earlier, it would be a nice thing to use the Xical platform
with videos, making a more interactive presentation.

> Any individual or school wanting to make oficial his blender courses would
> need to
> sign a document with a compromise to fullfill the minimums stablished this
> way, and
> maybe even to donate a little % of the profits of those courses to the
> Blender
> Foundation. Students of oficialized Blender Courses would get also special
> prices
> for buying Blender Foundation educational materials, including the video
> lessons in
> downloadable, CD and/or DVD versions.

I was thinking more on Certifying the Teachers for Blender Training, to
ensure that the Teacher was capable, this way the Company / School would
be Officially recognized.
Having some sort of exame or something else, to be defined.

Best Regards,

     Rui Campos

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