[Bf-education] First meeting - Sunday 18th December 2005

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Mon Dec 19 12:52:00 CET 2005

Hello all

The first official meeting for bf-education and bf-docboard mailing-lists
was held at IRC ( irc.freenode.net ) past Sunday at 15:00 GMT on channel
#bfeducation .

The agenda, minutes and IRC log are now on the wiki, where I hope all can
add new items to talk about on the next official meeting.
I would advice everyone to read at least the Minute of the meeting to keep
up to date.
The wiki is located here
http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Bf-education/Meetings .

Now, before moving forward with the next meeting I would propose a
discussion on the official week day and time for the weekly meetings.
Please bear in mind GMT and other locations, so we can get a timing that
allows most of us to be there.

Also, I would propose the decision on a channel name, even though it isn't
that big of an issue, but it should relate to this two mailing-lists,
something like Letterrip proposed : #blenderedu . If you think
#bfeducation fits the needs, no problem with that.

And for the next meeting I hope to discuss the purpose of each "team"
bf-education and bf-docboard, set the goals for each team and define the
first steps of this "merge" (so to speak).

Stefano Selleri (aka "boss" on bf-docboard) if you can give some feedback
on this matter I would appreciate it ;) .

Hope I haven't missed anything,

-- Rui --

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