[Bf-education] suggestion for education

paul chong chong_paul at pacific.net.sg
Sun Apr 3 09:45:46 CEST 2005


Maybe the publisher should follow the format set out in Hash's Animation Master.  Simple projects covering the basic tools only.  Anything more complex t be dealt with separately.

This way, users get the overview of blender without being overwhelmed with unncessary data.

On the education aspect, I would like to suggest a modular system.  Maybe a compulsory core module that gives an overview of blender, and an additional elective module (such as modelling, animation, rendering, etc).  This will lead to a certificate of some sort.

Having this cert means you know the skill and competence to use blender to create a drawing, a model or whatever.  it may not be good art, but at least it's blender art.

Paul from singapore

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