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Got this mail in; invited him in for this list. ;)


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> From: claudinio <claudinio_lr at smartchat.net.au>
> Date: 19 November, 2004 4:04:11 GMT+01:00
> To: foundation at blender.org
> Subject: Blender certification 2005? Perhaps?
> Hello Ton,
> You what would be nice for 2005? Some sort of Blender Certification to 
> show employers. Employers are very simple minded people, who seem to 
> be greatly impressed by pieces of paper. And I know a piece of paper 
> with the words "Blender Certified" and all the way from Het Nederlands 
> will impress them no end. After all everybody knows the Hollanders are 
> a nation of innovators.
> For the Foundation this could mean another revenue stream, as well as 
> a way to standardize Blender know-how around the world. I know theres 
> a lot of subjects to Blender, but one idea could be to break it up 
> into modules. Say 12 modules, one module a month, and in 12 months one 
> is completely Blender Certified! And say to sit for every module 
> online costs 20 Euros, in 12 months thats 240 Euros. As a conservative 
> figure in one year, if a minimum of 100 Blenderheads around the world 
> completed it,  240*100= 24,000 Euros. You know Ton, I'm no genius, but 
> thats a lot of pasta! :-)
> For example, here in Sydney a 2 year 3D Max course at the Computer 
> Graphics College, a prestigious private college located in downtown 
> Sydney right next to the Kings Cross red light district, 
> http://www.cgc.com.au/courses/courses_cga_fees.html cost about A$18600 
> or about 10788 Euros. And at the end of that 2 year period you get a 
> piece of paper and theres no guarantee you're going to get a job. And 
> the schedule is one lesson a week and the rest of the time you're in 
> the lab teaching yourself. As an end result, the quality of 3D artwork 
> at CGC is sometimes mediocre when compared to the Illustrious Blender 
> community. CGC, its a rip off!
> Thats why I think if there was some kind of Blender Certification 
> program it would greatly enhance Blender as a professional working 
> tool in the eyes of fickle simple minded Employers.
> By the way Ton, I have to say all your new projects and innovations of 
> late on your Blender site are Fantastic! They are all of the highest 
> calibre. Its a joy to see.
> Dank u wel,
> Claudio Rogers
> Sydney Australia.
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