[Bf-education] Management Application

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Mon Nov 8 03:45:56 CET 2004

For all interested.

The Management Application available at
http://blender.ruicampos.com/mgmt/ was updated to a more recent version.
The logins remain the same and there were some updates on the project

The Management Application has its own Discussion area as well as other
really usefull areas, I would consider the Management Application as a
really good place for us to discuss some issues related to this project,
not putting the Mailing-List appart, it is very useful.
Just try it out, check it out and send me some feedback on what you
think of it.

Anyone who hasn't got a username or password, or has problems with his
login, send me an e-mail.
Those that are just curious on the project status just login with the
username blender and password blender.

Best Regards to all,

        Rui Campos
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