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Thu Nov 4 19:19:58 CET 2004


Sorry for not using the momentum of the BlenderConference for quick  
reactions and ideas... currently the dev team is in last stage of the  
new release, I lost time due to server errors, and of course had to do  
more folluw-ups after the conference. Not even mentioning all other  
things I've been ignoring because of conference work. :)

I'll track mails here though, but have to leave initiatives for  
discussions to others a little while. My main quick reaction would be  
to not wait for others to decide on 'official' issues (such as  
certificates) but start thinking of small actions you can already do  
yourself. For example, I've handed out over 30 accounts on  
blender3d.org cms already, for people who are interested to maintain  
parts of the site.
We're currently still seeking someone to help upgrading/maintaining  
tutorials. Also pages for educators (downloads, links, mentioning this  
list, etc) would be nice.

Jono still didn't manage to get an account on this list though... we've  
been suffering disk errors the past week, hopefully that's solved now.  
(Jono, did you retry?)

Anyhoo, just say so and I'll make accounts in cms for you!


On 3 Nov, 2004, at 2:06, Rui Campos wrote:

>  Hello to all, hope all are well.
>  I have previously stated what I thought would be a good way to start,  
> but I think it should also be here (at the mailing list).
>  I think we should make a test Course and Certification with small  
> content, but one that can be reused later on.
>  So I thought of making a small course with its corresponding  
> certification for the Blender User Interface, with translation for  
> English, Portuguese, German, Dutch and French.
>  This way we could test the environment and get some knowledge if this  
> is a good way of doing things or not.
>  I talked at the Conference with lots of people and they provided me  
> with some tools and other that together can make a good partnership.
>  A little overview of what I got:
>  - Phillip Richdale shown me Xical, a great platform with the benefit  
> of being already designed to Courses and Certifications. Phillip  
> Richdale is the maker and he is willing to support us on our  
> development.
>  - Alexandre Rangel as already done Blenderzine 1 - Introduction to  
> Blender, a complete CD set of training and education for Blender in  
> portuguese.
>  - Jono Bacon is willing to help build the infrastructure and  
> facilities that can be used to support trainers.
>  - Joshua Seaver teaches teens up to 16 years old in Minnesota, he  
> could help us test the Courses and Certification in a live controlled  
> environment. And who better than teenagers that are new to 3D to test  
> it.
>  Stating my proposal:
>  1. Define the content present on the first course (User Interface  
> Course).
>  2. Make the Movie for Xical platform and the full content in English.
>  3. Make the translations for Portuguese, Dutch, French and German.
>  4. Implement it in the Xical platform.
>  5. Make a in depth review of the content and the define the goals for  
> the course.
>  6. Make the Certification content (exams, animations, whatever) and  
> goals.
>  7. Prepare the deploy and test phase (Joshua would be the best person  
> to provide a testing environment).
>  8. Review the test results and define future goals.
>  Meanwihle we could also define other future goals.
>  Yet I believe that the platform is good and that a first test course  
> should be made to get some feedback from the real world.
>  The User Interface is something that we can reuse later so I chosen  
> it as a good first Course / test Course.
>  Some comments on this would be great.
>  Best Regards to all.
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