[Bf-docboard] Contributing?

Marc Draco marcdraco at protonmail.com
Tue Dec 11 00:39:42 CET 2018

What (or where) is the best place to submit contributions to the manual?

There are a lot of areas where the manual seems to assume some prior knowledge (which is fine if you have it). I get that we're not writing tutorials (we're not, right?) but there are a lot of areas that are either incomplete or are confusing. I find bits and bobs out by either experimenting until it hurts or finding someone online who has already figured it out.

I don't feel able to contribute (unedited) but I'll gladly put back some contributions for someone else to edit and include. Most recently I've just found a few bits like "Normal" baking under cycles and pole targets which don't seem to be well explained. Once you "get" it, they're as clear as day but coming in "cold" - the explanations are too technical or assume too much prior knowledge.

Overall the manual is superb but these are a few of the bits I've noticed where I (as still very much a beginner) have stumbled.

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