[Bf-cycles] Updated standalone repository

Stefan Werner stefan.werner at tangent-animation.com
Fri Mar 5 10:40:55 CET 2021

Hi Thomas,

the requirements for the current version of Cycles standalone are the same as for Blender 2.92. If you don't require buliding your own libraries, the binaries from https://svn.blender.org/svnroot/bf-blender/tags/blender-2.92-release/lib/win64_vc15 work just fine.

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Apparently there are so many changes that the old environment doesn't
work any more to compile Cycles.
Can somebody outline which libraries in which version are now necessary
to compile Cycles, especially on Windows?


Am 28.02.2021 um 22:14 schrieb Stefan Werner:
> Hi,
> as announced in the Blender Rendering Meeting, I have updated the Cycles repository to reflect Blender 2.92. An additional branch was created that will be kept in sync with Blender 2.83 LTS. I have also added tags that mark the sync points for the last few Blender releases (blender-v2.83.12, blender-v2.90.1, blender-v2.91.2, blender-v2.92.0). I did not tag a new Cycles version.
> Please report any issues (and if you can, provide a patch) that you encounter as a result of this merge. I have not tested all possible permutations of build platforms and options.
> -Stefan
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