[Bf-cycles] Get other passes than ccl::PassType::PASS_COMBINED

F Escobar materialesescobar at hotmail.es
Tue Apr 23 13:56:30 CEST 2019

I've added that passes to generate the options like
ccl::Pass::add(ccl::PassType::PASS_DIFFUSE_COLOR, buffer_params.passes);

and added them to the film too
ccl::Pass::add(ccl::PassType::PASS_DIFFUSE_COLOR, scene->film->passes);

Unfortunately I can get no passes but PASS_COMBINED

in session->buffers->get_pass_rect(ccl::PassType::PASS_COMBINED, actualExposure, 1, 4, rawpixels, passName);

Any tip on this? thank you in advance!
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