[Bf-cycles] Asking interest in blur/bokeh improvements in cycles engine

miku miku at scout.uni.cx
Sun Apr 21 20:07:03 CEST 2019


Here is Michael, Bachelor student in Computer Science at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences. 

After using blender as an artist for some time, i found it interesting to try to add some optical behaviour to the cycles engine. Especially some optical aberrations present in real world camera lenses. 

For a start i added spherical aberration in a technical test: http://superkakerlake.de/Members/super/inf/bokeh-improvement-in-blender 

It will be interesting for me to get an idea, if there is any interest in the blender community in such a feature. 

I did not participate in such a large or open source project yet. This idea i also proposed on short term to the GSoC. 

Greetings Michael 

irc: miku
miku at scout.uni.cx

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