[Bf-cycles] different Background color

Santosh Singh santoshmca.giit at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 08:06:11 CEST 2019

Hello Team members,

I am trying to use background color with cycles standalone application
using the background node but with render output i am getting different
color value.
I am passing the red color data (255 0 0)
<background name="world" visibility="1" ao_factor ="0.2" use_ao = "true" >
<background name="bg" strength="1.0" color ="1 0 0" />
<connect from="bg background" to="output surface"/>
when i am checking the render output the background color is different,
with above node i am getting color value (231 0 0) instead of (255 0 0).
i tried with multiple combination of color value, always i am getting the
different color value.
Please assist me how to get correct color value what i am passing at Cycles
render background color.

Thanks & Regards
 Santosh Kumar Singh
  Software Engineer
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