[Bf-cycles] Render to memory buffer

Nathan Letwory nathan at mcneel.com
Sat Mar 17 19:21:25 CET 2018

For RhinoCycles (Raytraced) we also have the internal option to pull the
data from the buffers and use non-OpenGL means to show the render results -
this also works with the Rhino viewport integration. In our case it is
necessary for supporting Raytraced over RDP and in VMWare.

On 17 Mar 2018 7:11 pm, "Guillaume Chéreau" <guillaume.chereau at gmail.com>

> On Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 11:01 PM, Lukas Stockner
> <lukas.stockner at freenet.de> wrote:
> > - Are you fine with getting a raw float buffer?
> Yes that's fine, I can easily do the conversion to RGB.
> > - Are you using interactive rendering?
> Yes, I am looking for the same kind of rendering as in Blender, where
> we start we a low res version and progressively improve it, if the
> user changes the scene of the camera position, the rendering is reset.
> It works more or less out of the box with the session->draw method,
> but it is using OpenGL to do the rendering directly on screen. What -I
> think- I want is to get the raw data and add put it into a dynamic
> texture that I can integrate into goxel rendering.
> > - Do you want to support multiple devices?
> Not sure what that means.  I only want to render on screen, and also
> into a file for export.
> > The easiest approaches I can think of right now are either using a shared
> > RenderBuffer for all tiles (already sort of implemented in session.cpp)
> or
> > just copying the pixels from their buffers into your shared buffer
> similar
> > to how Cycles for Blender does it in
> > BlenderSession::do_write_update_render_result.
> OK thanks for the tips, I will have a look at that.
> - Gui
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