[Bf-cycles] Build without OpenImageIO

Guillaume Chéreau guillaume.chereau at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 11:01:54 CET 2018

Hello all, this is my first message to this list.

I am interested in integrating cycles into my open source voxel editor
project 'goxel':

Today I had some success compiling cycles along goxel and rendering
some cubes with it!

One thing that I want to do is reducing the size of cycles as much as
I can to make it lightweight and more portable (for example I would
like to be able to compile if for iOS).

One of the dependencies I want to remove is OpenImageIO, since I don't
really need that in goxel.  I was thinking of simply creating a dummy
library with the mimimal api required to compile cycles, or maybe
modifying cycles itself to make the image support optional.

Any hint on the best way to do that?  If I make OpenImageIO optional,
would there be interest to merge the changes upstream?


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