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欽哲 skymouse at livemail.tw
Mon Jun 11 08:45:06 CEST 2018

Thank you Jaros

I tried git and cmake again in F disk, and it's still same message
And I tried same path (c:\blender-git) for blender, it's working
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I think you have problem with “Local Security Policy”. Could you try “git clone” and “cmake” to your user folder (%HOMEPATH%\Cycles-Git\solution\x64\Debug\ALL_BUILD;  %HOMEPATH% = c:\Users\XXX)?

Best regards


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Hi everyone

I'm newbie for cycles.

And had make cycles project by cmake.

But I cant build in Visual Studio.

Error message is "C:\Cycles-Git\solution\x64\Debug\ALL_BUILD" access deny

Anything I miss?

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