[Bf-cycles] Multiple Cycles standalone integration questions

Prayaag Kasundra prayaag at decorastudio.com
Sat Jul 21 13:12:59 CEST 2018

Hello all,

We have basic Cycles standalone integration setup and ready. We are trying to use some more cycles standalone feature and I have some questions about them.

1- How to set a specific GPU in cycles standalone while running on multi GPU system?
2- How to enable Denoising?
3- How to only render specific meshes from a scene (rest of area renders as alpha)?
4- Is there any way to read image data stream/buffer from ongoing render? If there's, will it work even if we are running in --background and --quiet command line options?
5- How do we set environment map (cube or equirectangular ) via XML?
6- (unrelated to standalone but...) Will cycles perform slower on a GPU that's added to USB connected external PCI slot compared to PCI slot on the motherboard?

If would be great if some standalone developers can answer these questions.

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