[Bf-cycles] Creating a sky environment programatically

F Escobar materialesescobar at hotmail.es
Thu Feb 22 15:27:18 CET 2018

I thought that this could be easy... but I was wrong

ccl::BackgroundNode* bkNode = new ccl::BackgroundNode();
ccl::Background* bk = scene->background;
ccl::Shader *shader = scene->default_background;
ccl::ShaderGraph *graph = shader->graph ;

ccl::SkyTextureNode* sky = new ccl::SkyTextureNode();

ccl::DiffuseBsdfNode *diffuseBSDF = new ccl::DiffuseBsdfNode();
graph->connect(sky->output("Color"), bkNode->input("Color"));
graph->connect(bkNode->output("Background"), diffuseBSDF->input("Color"));
graph->connect(diffuseBSDF->output("BSDF"), graph->output()->input("Surface"));


That looks fair on my head but I only get a black environment so that's wrong for sure.

Any Idea on this? I bet that is something related to update the bk or the bkNode.

Thank you in advance

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