[Bf-cycles] Set custom normals in a mesh

F Escobar materialesescobar at hotmail.es
Tue Feb 6 14:54:21 CET 2018

the right one was ATTR_STD_VERTEX_NORMAL but you helped a lot giving me the tip of searching for attributes.

Thank you!
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just use an attribute.
Attribute *attr = attributes.add(ustring(name), TypeDesc::TypeNormal, ATTR_ELEMENT_CORNER);
float3 *attr_data = attr->data_float3();

On Tue, Feb 6, 2018 at 9:01 AM, F Escobar <materialesescobar at hotmail.es<mailto:materialesescobar at hotmail.es>> wrote:
Besides that trusting in cycles to re-create the smooth normals in the meshes seems to be ok, I was wondering if there is anyway to write custom normals, modify them and so.

Regards, F.

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