[Bf-cycles] Cannot update object transform

F Escobar materialesescobar at hotmail.es
Fri Feb 2 12:59:33 CET 2018

I'm playing with Cycles standalone in interactive mode.

I've added some custom objects via code to the scene, but now I wanna to move them and I didn't found any way.

Obviosly I start setting their transform with
sceneObjects[index]->tfm =newTfm; //tested that they are not the same transform.

Also I tried several functions that sound promising but without luck:
scene->mesh_manager->need_update = true;
options.scene->params.bvh_type = SceneParams::BVH_DYNAMIC;
options.session->reset(session_buffer_params(), options.session_params.samples);

Anyone could give me a tip?

Thank you in advance.

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